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Summer Thunderstorm Brew

Thunderstorms seem to be a regular event in summer across the northern USA. I remember growing up in Montana that it seemed like clockwork – about 4pm five days a week a good thunder/lightning storm would blow through and an hour later it was clear again. I’ve always loved watching lightning storms. Standing on the […]

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The Cool Dad’s Guide to Blistering Heat Wave Mocafe Smoothie Iced-Pops

Ayup, you are a Dad. In modern marketing, you’re the guy. You run that backyard grill with ease, get greasy ala ‘Dirtiest Jobs’, can drive a semi on ice roads and haul king crab in a raging Dutch Harbor sea – all while riding a horse bare chested offering pearls. You’re the dude of the […]

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Mornings Never Tasted So Good

By Molly I’ve never really been a breakfast person. I wake up hungry, sure, but first thing in the morning very little appeals to me in the food department. Cereal leaves me hungry 20 minutes later. Oatmeal is too heavy. Pancakes and waffles too sweet, and eggs? Meh, I could take them or leave them. Don’t […]

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