Chai-fecta: A Tea Story

We were lucky enough to have Fadra from All.Things.Fadra review our Precious Divinity Chai and Azteca D’Oro Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate lines.  Check out her blog at for other great reviews and posts.

Here is her review:

Our morning beverage station. He likes the coffee. I like the tea.

I am a tea lover. And as much as I’d like to backlink to some magical posts I’ve written about being a tea lover, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. But I know there are references speckled throughout my writing.

It started many years ago when I took my first trip to London. The only “tea” I’d known at that point in my life was Lipton Iced Tea in a can. And no, I’m not kidding.

I just didn’t like the taste of tea and never had the desire to overcome that. But when you’re in London, you kind of, sort of have to do tea. I happened to be staying with friends of a friend and they offered me the very first cup I said yes to. It was Lady Gray tea with a touch of milk and sugar and a love affair was born.

I’ve since learned that I love a cup of strong tea in the morning and sometimes, if I’m tempting fate, I’ll have one in the afternoon too. However, I usually only have tea at home and here’s why.

I’m a tea snob.

Truth be told, I don’t really think I’m a snob. A true snob would only use loose tea and NEVER a tea bag. I guess I just like a properly prepared cup of tea. It seems that if you go anywhere in all of the United States and ask for a cup of tea, you get served the same thing: a hot cup of water (not boiling) that usually tastes vaguely like old coffee and a tea bag full of dust. Even worse is the fact that the ratio of water to tea is so far off that I always insist that they DON’T put the tea bag in the water. (I usually pour off half the water so the tea is just the right strength).

It’s tough because the American life revolves around coffee. The de facto meeting place these days always seems to be Starbucks and I always longed to be a part of the crowd. I wanted to order a double, half-caff, soy skim espresso latte, or something. But I did finally find my Starbucks drink: A small Chai Tea Latte. I even know how to order it the right way: “Tall, skim chai please.”

And I’m just as picky about my chai. It has to be creamy and sweet but not too sweet. It has to have spice but not overwhelming spice. And not any one particular spice overpowering the blend. Basically, I like my tall, skim chai. Until now…

You see, this is actually a product review. Did you see that one coming? I tested a product and fell in love but if I told you that right off the bat, I don’t think it would have meant as much. You have to understand where I’m coming from.

I volunteered to review an assortment of new Mocha and Chai products But first, I did what any self-respecting blogger volunteering for a review would do:

– I checked out their website. It looked hip and cool, two requirements in the coffee shop world.

– I checked out their product line. Spiced Chocolate. Divinity Chai. Yup, I was in.

I was pleasantly surprised by the selection they sent me.

Here’s what you’re seeing:

  • Azteca D’oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Ground chocolate
  • Precious Divinity Spiced Chai Tea Mix
  • Precious Divinity Spiced Chai Tea Mix (Decaf)
  • Precious Divinity Vanilla Chai Tea Mix
  • Precious Divinity Mango Chai Tea Mix

I dutifully made one cup of each (not all at the same time, mind you) and here’s what I thought.

Azteca D’oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Ground chocolate

Made with heated milk, NOT water, this one takes a little extra effort. But if you have never had Mexican hot chocolate, you’re in for a treat. It’s got a fair amount of cinnamon in it and is creamy and delicious. The only problem I had was that I microwaved the milk and it wasn’t quite as hot as I’d like it to be.

Precious Divinity Spiced Chai Tea Mix

This is the tea that makes me never have to set foot in a Starbucks again. Unless I really want to. It’s actually better than what I get at Starbucks. It’s really creamy with just the right blend of spices. The calories aren’t bad (130 per serving) but you do have to watch the sugar (21g) and fat (3.5g  saturated fat).

Precious Divinity Vanilla Chai Tea Mix

The vanilla chai was probably my second favorite. It’s similar to the Spiced Chai with just a subtle hint of vanilla and not as much spice.

Precious Divinity Mango Chai Tea Mix

Who expects mango in their chai? Not me, but I was intrigued. It was a lighter tasting chai with a mild fruit flavor. This was my third favorite but still good. This is what I would call an afternoon tea or even a summertime tea. The mango makes it taste just a bit more refreshing for hot tea.

And there you have it. Three delicious tea mixes – what I’m called the Chai-fecta of tea. And some really good Mexican spiced chocolate.

Disclosure: I was provide a review pack and and compensation for my time but all opinions are my own. So take that to mean I really, really liked these products.

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