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QR Codes ~ Basics for Coffeeshop Marketing

What if you had a QR code artist design your brand logo into a QR code, printed it on tee shirts and gave the tee shirts away? There are unlimited uses for QR code. You could produce a QR code and tweet it out, driving a 10% discount coupon that all your Twitter followers could share with their friends to redeem at your store.

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The Zen of Motorcycle Mocha

On a summer afternoon, not much rivals a motorcycle ride. The wind cools you down, and there’s not usually much traffic. Yesterday we took a ride. As we were preparing to go, I prepared, and packed Mocafe Original Mocha Frappes. Here’s a trick for keeping frozen drinks cold longer – a very McGyver solution. Take two of those […]

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Facebook Ads for Cafes ~ Ten Block Rule

Solutions for Operators There’s an old adage in the restaurant industry about where your customers come from. It’s the Ten Block Rule. The Ten Block Rule states that 80% of your customer base comes from a ten square block area around your business. Does this hold true for your shop? Have you taken the time […]

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Basic Social Media for Cafes

Solutions for Operators Social media for foodservice and coffeeshops has exploded in the past two years. Is your business taking advantage of this effective communication tool to reach customers and build brand loyalty? For the cost of a few hours a week, a cafe can build new relationships, strengthen existing relationships and increase sales. There’s […]

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Why Isn’t There a Good Frappe at Boston South Station?

Saturday mid-day. I’m at Boston South Station, waiting for a bus up to northern New Hampshire. It’s hot. Really hot. Not only that, it’s also wicked muggy. I have a couple hours to kill, so I’ve been outside on Atlantic Avenue. Across the street is a brand new Dunkin’ Donuts – not even open yet. […]

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