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Gingerbread lattes ANY time of the year

Ever have one of those, “Why didn’t I  think of that?” moments? Here’s one for you: If you like your coffee iced (or even just a little less-than scalding), make yourself some coffee ice cubes! Simply brew a pot of your favorite drink, pour into ice cube trays and plop a few into your morning […]

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Holiday Drinks, Yum!

I happen to know that Christmas cannot come soon enough when a certain coffee chain starts pimping their festive coffee cup as early as November 1st. I’m not sure what it is about the cup: If it’s the promise of the pending holiday cheer; the start to the jolly season; the looming conclusion to the […]

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A Holiday Warning

Can you believe it’s November? I feel like I blinked and summer was over. The leaves have changed, we’ve handed out the Halloween candy, and now the countdown is on to the best holiday of the year — Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving. There’s no agenda, no gifts to buy. Just friends and family around a […]

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