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Seasoning Your Menu

Solutions for Operators I hate to point this out, but Fall is nearly upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. This morning upon waking, the air was chilled; admittedly sensitive to cold, I had to wear sweats. Do you change your cafe menus with the seasons? It’s a great way to keep your existing customers intrigued […]

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Item Costing Your Menu

Solutions for Operators A standard practice in the restaurant industry is to calculate the food cost of every item you sell. Knowing this cost allows you to a) purchase ingredients more wisely and b) maintain and train staff to standards. There is a time investment in making these calculations, but the reward is a “tighter […]

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Old School Cafe Management Skill: That Item Makes Me This Much

Operator Solutions Using Mocafe Last night, a perfect New England summer night, I was talking about cafe and restaurant management with an old friend, a former executive chef (like me), restaurant owner and major lines food salesman. The topic of passion was how old-school successful operators calculate the hourly success of their business. One of […]

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