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Matcha Cookies!

There is something about green food. I’m not talking about artificial green apple or anything like that, but the true green that comes from natural, delicious food. To me, it’s one of the most appealing things about a meal. If the color is good, I’m more apt to eat it. Matcha — Japanese green tea […]

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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Now that I told you about the hot chocolate sale, it got you thinking about it, didn’t it? I have that problem too. Tell me there’s chocolate in the vicinity and I’m done for…unless I can have some. I’m not a chocolate snob either. Cake, cookies, ice cream…straight from the package. I’ll take it all. […]

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Cocoa Chip Cookies

Cocoa Chip Cookies By Jennifer (Novelista Barista) If you are anything like I am and love chocolate, then you will love this idea. I know plain chocolate chip cookies are amazing themselves, but after trying the Dominican Sweet Chocolate (http://www.mocafe.net/product/Dominican_Sweet_Ground_Chocolate/7427.aspx#) from MoCafe, I was in an experimental mood and wanted to see what kind of […]

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