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Thai Iced Coffee

Now I know, you’re thinking, iced coffee? In November? But here me out. Years ago my mom, sister and I visited my aunt near San Francisco. She took us to a tiny Thai restaurant where I experienced Thai iced tea for the first time. It was, in one word: delicious. Sweet and smooth and so, […]

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Scenes from the Coffee House

We’ve officially moved into our new house, but because the previous owners didn’t cancel their cable and internet in time for us to do a quick switch, we found ourselves living in the dark ages. No TV. No internet; and because most of our possessions are still in random boxes in random places – not […]

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Summer Heat Wave Remedy Wednesday July 13 2011

Tools in hand, consisting of crowbars, hammers and a sawzall, my friend Bill and I set to work in 95 degrees and high humidity, tearing apart his old deck. The sun is blistering as we heave, wrench and demolish. Within minutes, we’re pouring in sweat. Inside of a half hour, the heat-dizziness starts creeping in. […]

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