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My First Part Time Job: Bagel Shop

My first part time job was at a bagel chain.  I used to make samplers for customers to try, but I would often get into an argument with my manager since he did not think it was a sampler, and rather free bites of chocolate chip bagels. I only put the one kind of bagel […]

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Lushworthy Creations: “Trouble In Tahiti” (Made Using Little Black Dress Vodka & Mocafe Tahitian Vanilla Frappe)

Thank you Lushworthy!  Here is an innovative drink idea, yum… I really thought it’d be at least April before I’d find myself enjoying a frozen cocktail but it appears that Mother Nature had other plans. But hey, I’m not complaining. So on this unseasonably warm day I decided to create a little frozen treat for […]

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Make Your Own Coffee Art

Ever notice those pretty designs baristas make on the top of your latte? I’ve seen swiggles and lines, everything from Christmas trees to hearts. Sure, it doesn’t add to the flavor and you’re probably going to cover it up with a lid, but just knowing it’s there can put a smile on your face. You […]

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