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Albanian makes world’s largest coffee bean mosaic

TIRANA | Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:19pm EST (Reuters) – A mosaic made with a million coffee beans by Albanian artist Saimir Strati, depicting five musicians, entered the Guinness World Records Monday as the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic. Strati used 140 kg (309 pounds) of coffee beans, some roasted black, some averagely and some not roasted […]

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Coffee roasting class at the Domestic Institute of Technology

If you want to start roasting your own coffee beans at home — or are at all interested in how beans are roasted — check the website of the Institute of Domestic Technology for upcoming classes. The first coffee roasting class took place in October, taught by LA Mill coffee roaster Ian Riley. Another is scheduled for Jan. 22, says Joseph […]

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The Science of Stage Fright: How Stress Causes ‘Brain Freeze’

By MAIA SZALAVITZ When presidential candidate Rick Perry froze during a recent GOP debate — unable to remember the name of a government agency he wanted to eliminate — his brain was clearly under stress. Now new research helps explain why at moments of peak pressure, virtually all of us are vulnerable to similar failures, finding it harder […]

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