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Facebook Ads for Cafes ~ Ten Block Rule

Solutions for Operators There’s an old adage in the restaurant industry about where your customers come from. It’s the Ten Block Rule. The Ten Block Rule states that 80% of your customer base comes from a ten square block area around your business. Does this hold true for your shop? Have you taken the time […]

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If Starbucks Opened Across the Street From My Cafe, I’d…

There’s a very interesting dialogue going on over at Focus.com this week, generating input from diverse professionals from different industries, all providing their insights to this question: You own a popular local coffee shop and Starbucks moves in across the street. What do you do to compete? Link to Focus.com article. Answers have been across […]

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Into The Heat

As tough as I imagine myself to be, I’m still… a guy. I can hike twenty-some miles in a day (if I put my soul into it), break back with friends on construction projects and endure tons of mosquitoes. But I’m still… a guy. At the end of the day I can still be accused […]

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