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Starting a New Cafe or Restaurant? Things You Should Consider..

Bluntly, there are many folks who get into the cafe and restaurant business that are in over their heads. Today, when I receive an inquiry about consulting a startup, one of the first things I do is hand over and share a fairly comprehensive list of tasks that will need to be done. There’s around 300 items that a new startup or location needs to consider before opening the doors.

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Blame It On The Location

Location, location, location. What if your cafe location is wrong? One of the most important criteria in the foodservice industry is putting your business in a strategic location. Old school restaurant startup consultants will gather as much data on location as they can, including government vehicle counts and even spot counting in person at possible […]

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From Scratch versus Ready To Go Coffeeshop Solutions

Operator Solutions Using Mocafe One of the challenges facing foodservice operators dwells on the question of preparing items from scratch or purchasing products that require minimal labor. This question permeates the foodservice industry at all levels, from quick serve (QSR) to ultra-hyper-local-fine-dining. Attend any foodservice or beverage tradeshow and you’ll see numerous exhibitors offering solutions […]

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