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Caffeinated Fish?!?!?!

From Specialty Coffee Retailer http://www.specialty-coffee.com Issue Date: , Posted On: 8/6/2012 Caffeine found in seawater off Portland Portland, Ore. has always been a caffeinated town. Now it has the seawater to prove it.A study published in the July edition of Marine Pollution Bulletin says that seawater samples around Portland’s coast showed elevated levels of caffeine. Tests showed up […]

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Coffee drinkers may live longer, study suggests

By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY Coffee lovers are a loyal crowd. Most pour out their morning cup of java for the flavor, the aroma, and the accompanying jolt of energy, rather than the health perks. Coffee lovers were more likely to smoke, eat red meat, drink more three alcoholic beverages a day and less likely […]

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Coffee Shop Buzz Is Good For Your Creativity

Head over to your neighborhood coffee shop if you want to get that novel finished or make major headway on your project. A new study suggest the ambient background noise or buzz of conversation in public places can fuel creativity. Many of us are more productive and focused at coffee shops because we’re working in public. This […]

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