The Cool Dad’s Guide to Blistering Heat Wave Mocafe Smoothie Iced-Pops

Ayup, you are a Dad.

In modern marketing, you’re the guy. You run that backyard grill with ease, get greasy ala ‘Dirtiest Jobs’, can drive a semi on ice roads and haul king crab in a raging Dutch Harbor sea – all while riding a horse bare chested offering pearls. You’re the dude of the neighborhood. This is what your kids and their friends see in you..

Want to push them over the top during a blistering heat wave? Offer them homemade Mocafe Smoothie Iced-Pops.

This backyard BBQ Grillmaster dessert is exceptionally easy. Pick a flavor or two of Mocafe Smoothies and follow the directions. That should take less than five minutes. Then, pour the smoothie into plastic ice-pop molds (available at any discount retailer for cheap) or dixie paper cups, insert sticks and freeze.

If you want to be truly manly, get your pocket knife and teach the kids how to carve their own ice-pop sticks 😉

Jeff from Mocafe


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