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If Starbucks Opened Across the Street From My Cafe, I’d…

There’s a very interesting dialogue going on over at Focus.com this week, generating input from diverse professionals from different industries, all providing their insights to this question: You own a popular local coffee shop and Starbucks moves in across the street. What do you do to compete? Link to Focus.com article. Answers have been across […]

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The Cool Dad’s Guide to Blistering Heat Wave Mocafe Smoothie Iced-Pops

Ayup, you are a Dad. In modern marketing, you’re the guy. You run that backyard grill with ease, get greasy ala ‘Dirtiest Jobs’, can drive a semi on ice roads and haul king crab in a raging Dutch Harbor sea – all while riding a horse bare chested offering pearls. You’re the dude of the […]

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