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Short Lived Summer Barista

One summer back in college, in need of some extra money, I took a second job working at a coffee shop. It had recently opened and boasted a mix of flavored coffees, blended drinks, teas and food. I figured it wouldn’t be a tough gig and would help fund my summer. Let me tell you. […]

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Ritz Carlton Service for Cafes ~ Building Customer Loyalty

Do you train your staff on memorizing customer preferences? Do you reward employees that develop great skill in this? What is the value to your business if one customer like me brings in five new regular customers?

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Into The Heat

As tough as I imagine myself to be, I’m still… a guy. I can hike twenty-some miles in a day (if I put my soul into it), break back with friends on construction projects and endure tons of mosquitoes. But I’m still… a guy. At the end of the day I can still be accused […]

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