Caffeinated Fish?!?!?!

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Issue Date: , Posted On: 8/6/2012

Caffeine found in seawater off Portland

Portland, Ore. has always been a caffeinated town. Now it has the seawater to prove it.A study published in the July edition of Marine Pollution Bulletin says that seawater samples around Portland’s coast showed elevated levels of caffeine. Tests showed up to 45 nanograms of caffeine per liter of seawater. Any detectable amount of caffeine in oceans, rivers or lakes is evidence of human pollution, since caffeine does not occur naturally in bodies of water.

Surprisingly, the samples with the heaviest caffeine pollution were from remote areas, with samples from more populated areas topping out at 9 nanograms per liter. The scientists who did the study theorized that this is because populated areas have more sophisticated water treatment systems, although caffeine is not specifically screened or targeted in municipal wastewater plants.

The elevated caffeine levels don’t appear to pose any immediate threat to marine life, although some studies have shown cellular stress in intertidal mussels as a reaction to caffeine exposure.

Caffeine is “a very nice tracer, even if it doesn’t have a large effect, because in most parts of the world, you know that this is coming from a human waste source,” hydrologist Dana Kolpin told National Geographic News.


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