First Iced Coffee of the Season

We’re in full Spring-mode here in New England, which is a real treat considering the rough winters we endure—and we usually put up with until far into the Spring season. So that’s not to say that come April we won’t see snow or harsh, cold temps and still don our winter garb, but for now, at least for the past several days and from the looks of the forecast through the start of next week, Spring has come a-knocking, and we’re wondering if Groundhog Day was a hoax because we were promised six more weeks of winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a love (a slight love) with snow and cold weather, perfect it is for Christmas and gazing out at from the cozy indoors with a cup of hot, strong, coffee in hand. I like it more now for my children who are awe-struck by the white disintegrating stuff falling from the sky and collecting on the lawn. And I’m actually sad that they couldn’t experience it more this winter as we had maybe two or three times total (so far) for playing in the thick of it.

I enjoy all the seasons, but we really do get ripped off with Spring. In my mind, March equals the start of this season even though, as mentioned earlier, we are usually not indulged with the weather for this time of year until much later on—months later—and even then, it’s like we essentially skip straight to Summer.

I have always yearned for a slow warming up during this season we seem to miss out on altogether. This April birthday girl usually longs to wear clothes matching what she thought the weather should be: perfect for cute cardigans and flowery skirts, maybe even—gasp—sandals. Instead, this is why iced coffee is something I can easily have on command, something not dependent on Mother Nature. I can get in the mindset for Spring this way.  I can prepare for it, I can hope for it with my caffeine on ice. Sure, I may have my car heat turned on at a toasty 81 degrees, but I’ll have my sunroof open and I’ll be sipping pretty, sipping happy, my first iced coffee of the season.



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