Famous Coffee

Celebrities endorse everything these days. From makeup to cars to insurance companies. I don’t know any figures on it, but I would imagine companies keep employing them because their image helps significantly move their product.

So what if they were pushing coffee? Would it make you want to buy more of it?

An article in the Detroit News filled me in on some celebs making their mark in the coffee world…and all for charity.

Hugh Jackman, of X-Men fame (among others) recently launched Laughing Man Coffee & Tea,doing their “part to create jobs, support the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the ingenuity that is essential to community health.”

But Hugh isn’t the only celeb adding his name to java beans. Leonardo DiCaprio signs his name beneath a special blend of the La Colombe Torrefaction coffee company, and Paul Newman — famous for his charitable work for years — is probably very proud of his daughter, Nell, who is working with Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. on fair trade organic coffees.

I don’t know if a famous name would make me buy any one coffee over another, but it’s nice to see them helping others, if nothing else


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