Coffee Shops Wage All-Out War on Laptop Squatters

How are coffee shops fighting the infestation of laptop squatters these days?Covering up outlets so customers have to leave when their batteries run out and/or changing the password to the WiFi every couple hours and only giving it to people who buy things. Some coffee shops even get rid of WiFi entirely. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Sony is even developing an electrical outlet that can read a user’s identity and set limits on electricity use.”

Won’t anyone think of the poor bloggers, freelancers, and graduate students who just want to get out of the house and be around some actual human beings? Yes: some coffee shop owners think the lengths being taken to eradicate squatters go too far, and as one such owner told the Tribune, “If it gets to that point of business where you’re watching to that minuscule a detail, you’re missing the point of a coffeehouse.” Free refills and WiFi for all!


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