Why is Coffee So Popular?

Why is it that coffee is so popular all over the globe… If you think about it, so many people flock to certain coffee shops to regularly treat themselves so that they can purchase a coffee drink—with frills—which actually tastes pretty different than, well, coffee. Now there seem to be movements or fads to sell the latest gimmick to get people to really rely on the stuff (what else is new?) This always helps the addiction to caffeine—and keep people opening their wallets up to pay for all things coffee-related.

Let’s see: We have the iced coffee promotions for the scorching summers, the holiday beverages to warm up the chilly winters (and excite customers over the change in coffee cup color!), there are the certain coffee makers that custom make a cup of coffee—rather than a pot, there are the machines touting frothy results, lest you just purchase a hand-froth wand, you can buy your beans ground, whole, in pods, etc. I’m sure I’m missing so many more of what’s available. With all that’s out there, we wonder how our lives have not stayed simple. Sure, I treat myself to a yummy frilly beverage when I’m out, at times. But I like to also make my coffee at home to enjoy in my favorite mug while I relax on the sofa and read. It’s all personal, I guess. We’ve come a long way from how we take our coffee with cream and sugar (or black?) to double, extra dry, no-whip, soy mochas…where do we go from here in 2012?


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