A Holiday Warning

Can you believe it’s November? I feel like I blinked and summer was over. The leaves have changed, we’ve handed out the Halloween candy, and now the countdown is on to the best holiday of the year — Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving. There’s no agenda, no gifts to buy. Just friends and family around a table stuffing their face with delicious food. What’s better than that? The only downside to the holidays is trying to give everyone equal time. My parents are divorced and live in New York, my mother-in-law lives nearby. Which means for each holiday there is one of three people we’d like to see.

We’ve done the rotating thing for years now. It’s not convenient, but in ensures that every third year one of our parents get to host the holiday.

And then I had to go throw a wrench in everything.

Since having our son, I’ve felt a strong pull to my own home during the holidays, wanting to set my own table with fancy dishes and fill the house with the aroma of a holiday feast. And so, I’ve begun to petition a year in the rotation.

As a baby step, last year I hosted Christmas Eve at my house. I made a honey-glazed ham, baked squash, green beans, a salad. I set the table with pretty dishes and candlelight and piped in the songs of Bing Crosby.

It was perfect, exactly what I had wanted.

Except I forgot something. You know that time of the evening after everyone is sufficiently stuffed with turkey, that time when you’re supposed to be a good host, get up from the table and offer tea and coffee? Yeah, I forgot that part.

At least, I forgot until one of my guests asked me for some coffee and I realized I had none. Not a drop.


It may not seem like a big piece of the holiday puzzle, but it’s one people tend to rely on. So don’t do what I did. Be prepared! Trust me, you’ll never hear the end of it otherwise. People are passionate about their coffee!

By Molly


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