Anniversary Traditions

We just returned from New Hampshire where we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We’ve returned to this particular spot every year since we were married, and have sort of a routine we follow each visit.. There’s the restaurant where we eat lunch, the shops we frequent afterwards. There’s the drive around the lake and the bag of Doritos we only buy for that drive once a year.

Part of the trip also includes a visit to a farm that offers All Things Maple. See, on our very first visit to New Hampshire as a married couple, we decided to go all out and book a massage. When we arrived at the spa, we were given big, terrycloth robes and slippers and shown a sitting room where we were to wait until it was time for our appointment. In that sitting room was a bowl of hard maple candies.

Our world would never be the same.

We each took one, and from the first taste we were hooked. These weren’t your average maple sugar candies. These were DIVINE maple sugar candies. Leaf-shaped, individually wrapped pieces of heaven. I didn’t know it until we got back to the room, but my husband had stuffed the pockets of his robe with them, and we rationed the remaining candy for at least a week after we got home.

When we returned the following year, we weren’t planning on booking any spa appointments. But that didn’t stop us from sneaking into the spa lobby to check out the candy bowl. Much to our dismay, the maple candies were nowhere to be found.

So we asked at the front desk. Where we were told that THEY STOPPED CARRYING THEM. Our hearts were broken.

Thankfully, the staff at the hotel are awesome, and they began calling around until they found the source of the candy  — a little farm just down the road from the hotel.

So now, every year we return. And after the restaurants, after the shopping, we slowly make our way around the lake until we come upon a small farm littered with pumpkins. We get a steaming cup of coffee (they add cinnamon — it is fantastic), a cider donut…and two big boxes of those hard maple candies.

Hopefully, we can make this haul last longer than a week!

By Molly


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