Breath of Coffee Air

I remember commercials. Not every one I’ve ever seen, of course, but there are some that remain etched in my memory. Usually because of the jingle that accompanies them — marketing at its finest!

There’s one for a doll, another for a car. And of course, one for coffee. It is the best part of waking up, is it not?

While the imagery has changed over the years, this company has kept the jingle going and I tend to find myself stopping to look at the TV when it comes on. There’s always happy people doing fun things and starting the day with a deep breath — inhaling the delicious aroma of coffee, then bouncing out of bed. Seems nice, in theory.

When I was pregnant with my son, one of my more unusual pregnancy symptoms was a bionic nose. Everything smelled ten times stronger than before and my nose had range. I swear I could smell it if the person in the car in front of us was eating fast food.

While the nose was cool, it also could be annoying because it wasn’t only good things that smelled stronger. It was ALL things. Garbage, dog poo, you name it. Ick. And sometimes things that used to smell just fine, suddenly made me gag.

Including coffee.

I first noticed it about two months in when my husband was brewing his morning cup. I felt like I was buried inside the bag of beans and couldn’t escape. It was overpowering and quite unpleasant. Then later, while he was talking to me, I discovered a smell far worse:


In general, coffee breath is never a good thing. But pair it with Pregnancy Super Nose and you have a recipe for disaster. Gagging, running to the toilet. It was awful.

My husband caught on pretty quickly that he should stay away until after he had brushed his teeth, or at the very least popped a mint. But not everyone was as kind. I can’t tell you how often I wanted to shove some breath mints at friends and complete strangers alike. It was a long nine months.

Today, coffee once again smells pleasant to me, and I can watch those commercials while nodding in agreement, instead of wanting to throw something at the screen. At least until we decide to have another kid!

By Molly


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