The Rule of Threes

Ever notice how things seems to fall into threes? Larry, Mo, Curly. High, medium, low. And I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor of celebrity deaths occurring in the same number.

The Rule of Threes applies to my daily life as well, only in a rather weird way.

I have the Three Chai Rule in my house.

Well, it’s not realy a rule, as much as a way of life. See, I have three chais in my arsenal.

There is my Every Day Chai. The chai I want to drink every morning because it is my favorite. I try to always have it on hand.

Of course, I often run out and that means I better have a back up. Enter, The Backup Chai. The backup chai is almost as good as the Every Day Chai. The only difference really is that one is a powder and the other a liquid concentrate. Both are delicious, both start my morning off right.

But sometimes I find myself in a position where I didn’t realize I was out of both chais, or the baby is sick and I can’t leave the house, or there’s a hurricane. (It happens! Remember?) When I find myself in this position, there’s only one option left: The I’d Rather Not But I Have No Choice Chai. I really don’t like this chai. It was given as a gift from someone who knows how much I enjoy to drink the tea, and while they meant well, apparently they didn’t taste it before purchasing it, because The IRNBIHNCC is actually really gross.

And yet.

If I find myself in that awful position where I have no chai and no means to get more… I drink it.

Because that’s how much I love chai.

By Molly


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