Froth No More

He hadn’t been with us that long, less than a year. But he still felt like family. He joined me every morning for a hot Chai and now that he’s gone, I’m not sure what to do with myself.

My milk frother died this morning.

I knew it was coming. I found him floating in a pot full of water in the sink the other day. I immediately jumped into action, scooping him from the water and trying to dry him off the best I could. I don’t know how he fell from the dish drainer above. I thought he was secure. I may never forgive myself.

After a long day and an even longer night, I went to turn him on this morning.

And there was only silence.

An autopsy revealed internal corrosion. The damage was heartbreaking — so hard to look at.

I will always remember you, Frothy. Because of your expert spinning, I learned to appreciate just the right amount of foam on a steaming cup of Chai.

A newer version of you may come into our lives, but your legacy will live on. Thanks for the memories, Milk Frother.

By Molly


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