Coffee is Personal

I’ve learned of so many places to grab a cup of coffee in the thirty-one years I’ve experienced of life so far: the quirky independent shop we used to frequent in high school before the glowering chain came into town. We’d then drive at least one town over to experience another mom and pop shop, to enjoy the simple jargon—no fancy terms for the average “large” and “small” sizes there—just plain goodness (and yummy baked treats). Then, as a freshman in college, there’s the place I frequently took bus rides to from campus with one of my closest friends—it would be the place that still thrives strongly today next to the chain giant—a place I would still miss all these years later. The place that a friend who I’d meet at my job now, and who attended the same college as me, has still never experienced because of her loyalty to the aforementioned coffee giant. A place that I long for every so often—not just because it holds a dear place along with some special college memories, but because their coffee is that good and a place I insist upon visiting when I return at homecoming with my family.

Coffee is personal. It’s about how you take it—with cream and sugar—or nothing at all. It’s the location of the chain you visit because you know the employees.  And they know your order. It’s the quirky-hole-in –the-wall-just-around-the-corner-spot that is a second home to friends and stay-at-home moms who let their kids play with the straws while catching a brief moment of sanity.  Or maybe it’s right in your kitchen, the big and shiny pot that kicks off your morning with its bubbling and brewing.  Maybe it’s even old and tired with no bells and whistles of today’s coffeemakers, but you wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s assisted you as you brewed the beginning of days that launched the start of your life: first day as a married couple, life as a mother, hosting brunch with friends, or simply enjoying a solo moment.


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