First item to buy: Curtains

I can see my neighbor having coffee on his deck in the morning. This wouldn’t be unusual, but in our last house our backyard faced a river, so the only things looking back at me from the backyard were ducks. Sometimes a goose. We didn’t live in the woods or anything, but the bedrooms faced the back of the house too, so I didn’t have to think too much about what I was doing, or what I was wearing. Or…not wearing. It didn’t matter. No one was going to see me.

Our new house is on a cul-de sac and abuts a dead-end street so now, we can see our neighbors pretty well. And they can see us! This is fine most of the day, but just like I have to consciously remember to close the garage door or lock the slider to the deck when we leave (both things I didn’t have to think about before), now I also have to remember to put on pants in the morning. This is new to me!

Jeesh, no. I’m not walking around pants-less all day or anything. I just tend to NOT put them on when I first get out of bed to let the dog out. Only now when I do that, the dog is not the only one privy to the view of my white legs. And at 6:30 in the morning, I tend to forget that. This is why caffeine is imperative, people!

This is going to bite me in the (uncovered) butt eventually, I just know it. If my neighbor has caught a glimpse already, he’s been kind enough not to make it known, but I really don’t want to earn the title of THAT neighbor who greets the neighborhood each morning by flashing them her skivvies.

At least not until we’ve been here at least a year.

By Molly


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