Facing the Day

I like to think that everyone has a process for facing the day upon waking. Some people take it slow to get their bearings, with the only thoughts being if they should have coffee before or after their shower, can get away with wearing a certain pair of pants again so soon, can take a longer to get ready since their toddler is still asleep (and maybe get to shampoo their hair this time), the list goes on.

There are lots of these processes.  One might think of an entirely new way to face the day after they are now bathed (yes, their toddler did stay asleep—but only until the water was turned off did he jump up whaling for a milk cup ASAP, requiring you to skip drying off and instead, leaving a pool of water outside of the tub), wearing said pants (no one will notice) and yet, coffee was skipped so that everyone could get out of the house at a decent time (read: five minutes late, not ten).

I have this process each day, as many do, but after I do my two drop-offs for each child, one to daycare, one to preschool, my focus turns to how I will begin the day. Thoughts might include how my morning will stack up in regards to emails, calls, meetings.  What personal items I have to check off the list after I get home from work, etc. But for me to stomach what stretches before me so that I can muster the strength to tackle it all, my day, my morning, must include a steaming cup of something, save the sweltering summer day and, in that case, make it iced.  More important for me than packing a lunch, is packing something tasty to drink, to survive on, to blanket my palate and propel me into my slice of the working world before I plan, anticipate, and devour the next process—reuniting myself with the kiddos, enjoying dinner with my family, before counting sheep only to repeat it all again tomorrow.


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