Scenes from the Coffee House

We’ve officially moved into our new house, but because the previous owners didn’t cancel their cable and internet in time for us to do a quick switch, we found ourselves living in the dark ages. No TV. No internet; and because most of our possessions are still in random boxes in random places – not even a book to read. If it wasn’t for our smart phones picking up some spotting services, we would have no communication to the outside world. Quite a change, for sure.

In order to take care of some things that required sitting in front of a computer, I packed up my laptop and headed to a coffee shop that offered free WiFi alongside their tasty beverages. I’ve never really done this before. In college, places like this provided more of a distraction than a place I could get actual work done, and this time proved no different.

There are so many characters at coffee shops. Or should I say, caricatures of characters, because it seems as though everyone is playing a part.

There’s Hipster Guy with his dark-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans. He has a latte and it trying very hard to make it look like he’d rather be anywhere than here.

Then there’s College Girl; dressed in athletic attire with her hair in a messy bun and messy eye makeup – possibly from the night before. She has a giant iced coffee with extra sugar. Her laptop is propped next to an open chemistry book, but she keeps getting distracted by her cell phone.

There’s the mom group – the type of group I’m usually sitting with. The table is covered with half-eaten bagels and sippy cups sticky with condensation.  Kids are in highchairs, or leaving handprints on the windows, and the moms alternate between trying to drink their coffee and enjoy some adult conversation, and preventing their kids from smearing cream cheese on Hipster Guy (who is looking increasingly more annoyed with life.)

Behind the moms are a group of older women, most likely retired. They are boisterous and laughing over their cups of tea and assorted baked goods which they share between each other. They are also cooing over the children behind them and talking about their own grandchildren.

And then there’s me. Where do I fall into this mix of characters? I’m not wearing anything exciting – just jeans and a t-shirt. I don’t have my son with me. I’m drinking a chai and attempting to get some work and bill-paying done.

I guess today I’m just another person making up the puzzle of the coffee house.

By Molly


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