Moving on Up

The moving process continues in our house, and we’re getting down to the wire. In just over a week we will be saying goodbye to one house, and hello to another. Yesterday with my husband working and my son spending the day at his grandmother’s, I decided to tackle our upstairs. I knew it would be a big undertaking. For a small house, we have a remarkably large amount of stuff. And since I’m not longer a college student moving in and out of dorm rooms and beach houses, packing now requires a little more effort than throwing things in trash bags.

(Though really, that would make things so much faster, wouldn’t it?)

After depositing the all-mighty toddler with my mother-in-law, I realized that this was the first time in ages I would have the day to myself. I stopped to think about it, and I really couldn’t remember the last time I had been all alone. No husband, no kid, just me. But, the day had arrived! Utter and total aloneness. Too bad I had to spend that time sorting through dresser drawers and avoiding dust bunnies.

I figured, though, that since this was still a luxury, regardless of the task at hand, I should celebrate.

One guess at how I did that. Oh, come on. You know me well enough by now.

Yup. I got a chai. But not just any chai. I bought the BIGGEST CHAI I COULD FIND. I’m talking, super-sized, as big as my head, pretentious Italian-sounding cup size, all poured over ice, nom, nom, nom.

It took me most of the afternoon to drink it all, but I did. And it made my alone time that much better.

Now if only it could make the dust bunnies go away.

By Molly

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