Hold In Your Hand

We like to go on drives in my family. My husband and I started doing this when it was just the two of us — hopping in the car for a drive by the ocean or to explore a nearby town. When we got our dog, he was more than happy to join us on these trips and since becoming parents? Well, what’s one more in the car?

One constant on these drives is that we always have a beverage with us. Iced tea, sometimes a milkshake. But if it’s morning? Always, always a chai. There was something comforting about the warm cup in my hand, especially when the weather was cool.

When I became pregnant, I gave up caffeine for my first trimester. Research says that one cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverages a day during your pregnancy is just fine, but I wanted to give my then-lima bean the best chance he had in those early days. It was a long three months.

We still went on our drives during that time, but no longer did I have a warm cup in my hand. Instead, I usually had a bottle of ginger ale because ugggghhhh the morning sickness. It wasn’t the same. Not at all. I missed the sensation of the drink almost as much as I missed the drink itself.

You can imagine how nice it was to bring that tradition back as my pregnancy continued.

Someday when my kid is acting out I’m going to cry, “When you were no bigger than a bean, I gave up CHAI FOR YOU!”.  He probably won’t care, huh?

He SHOULD. Gah, the things we do for our kids.

By Molly

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