Baby’s First Brew

My husband and I are in the final stages of both selling and buying a home at the same time. If you value your sanity, I don’t recommend this. If you’re a parent to a toddler, I really don’t recommend this, as any sense of order and sanity you were able to maintain post-childbirth will suddenly disappear. If you think Mommy Brain is bad (it’s a real thing, people, I assure you.), try to squeeze a ton of information about mortgages and inspections into your already cluttered mind. It’s enough to send you into a downhill spiral.

The other day, nearing the end of the process, we spent two hours in the bank. Prepared to have to entertain my 13-month old, I had toys, books, snacks…you name it. Of course, he was more interested in crawling the length of the bank, waving at patrons and banging on the windows, but hey, at least I tried.

Because they’re nice, the bank provides a coffee station with one of those one-cup machines. It was early, and I was tired, so I decided to make myself a cup. They had an Earl Grey tea one-cup, so I popped it into the machine and waited for it to brew. It was then I noticed that my son was being quiet. Too quiet.

I looked down just in time to see him taking off across the bank, brew cup in hand. Who knows where he was going. I abandoned my tea, caught up with him and snatched the cup away right as he was about to put it in his mouth. Good timing, too, because with my luck, he would have pierced the top with his little teeth and gotten a big mouthful of ground beans. And then he wouldn’t nap for 13 years. At least.

Lesson? When you’re kid is being quiet, they’re probably up to no good.

By Molly

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2 Comments on “Baby’s First Brew”

  1. September 8, 2011 at 7:36 AM #

    Haha I love this. I’m so glad for your sake that your son didn’t get that caffeine rush — as the mother of a lousy napper, I would not wish that on anyone!


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