Ritz Carlton Service for Cafes ~ Building Customer Loyalty

Solutions for Operators

Do you know the favorite drink of all your regular customers? Does your staff?

Back in the mid-90s I worked for a year at the old Ritz Carlton in Boston. Every night, the dining room Maitre d‘ would compare the reservations against his rolodex. He was able to tell the waiters the last meal that every reservation had ordered and what their favorite drink was.

Imagine that – you walk in, get addressed by name while being seated. When the waiter comes to your table, they ask you if you’d like your favorite drink. When they initiate the ordering process, they ask you if you enjoyed that “steak tartar” the last time you were in.

I’ve had this level of service at a couple of independent restaurants and in a few coffee shops. It goes a long way in keeping me coming back. Moreover, I value it so much, I refer other new folks to the business. Yes – word of mouth marketing. The Wow of customer service. Or, the return on relationships.

Do you train your staff on memorizing customer preferences? Do you reward employees that develop great skill in this? What is the value to your business if one customer like me brings in five new regular customers?

Jeff from Mocafe

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