The Zen of Motorcycle Mocha

On a summer afternoon, not much rivals a motorcycle ride. The wind cools you down, and there’s not usually much traffic.

Yesterday we took a ride. As we were preparing to go, I prepared, and packed Mocafe Original Mocha Frappes. Here’s a trick for keeping frozen drinks cold longer – a very McGyver solution.

Take two of those gel filled ice packs, unfrozen. Wrap them around the container you’re planning to put a frozen drink in. Secure them with duck tape and leave in the freezer overnight.

This is exactly what we did. The day before we McGyvered two big hiking bottles with gel packs and duck tape, leaving them in the freezer overnight. Just before our ride, we filled them with Mocafe Original Mocha Frappes and packed them in our sidebags.

About an hour into the ride, we pulled off in a rest stop and kicked back, enjoying a very satisfying cold drink on a summer afternoon’s cycle ride. Cheers!


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