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There’s an old adage in the restaurant industry about where your customers come from. It’s the Ten Block Rule.

The Ten Block Rule states that 80% of your customer base comes from a ten square block area around your business. Does this hold true for your shop? Have you taken the time to research this? Let’s look at how a Facebook Page for your business can take advantage of this rule.

Facebook pages are pretty easy to setup. If you don’t have the time, there’s probably someone on your staff who is familiar with it. Once you’ve created the fanpage and produced some good content, you can begin targeting both existing customers and new customers within your ten square blocks.

Facebook advertising is the perfect solution for this. With Facebook advertising, you can set the dollar amount you wish to spend on a daily basis, even down to $5 per day. You can set your physical address and specify a mileage radius around your business. There are other demographics too – such as age, gender and keywords – that you can specify. A typical cafe might specify this for Facebook advertising:

  • Two mile radius from my business
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 25-45
  • Daily Spend: $5
  • Run Time: One Month
After setting the parameters, Facebook will suggest what the ad will look like and how you can modify it.
The other advantage here is that Facebook provides some powerful metrics on a real time basis. You can see how many times the ad was viewed, how many times it was clicked, etc.
Do you use this simple tool? Do you want to know more? Post any questions into the comments here and we’ll get you some answers.
Jeff from Mocafe

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