Tasty and Healthy: Good news at the bottom of your cup

It seems like every day doctors are telling us that we should avoid this and have more of that, only to turn around a few years later and say, “Just kidding! Go right ahead and have [previously discouraged thing]! It’s good for you now!” (Glass of red wine, anyone?) Well, come on. All things in moderation, right? Take caffeine, for example. I love the stuff, but I know better than to drink it out of a cup as big as my head multiple times a day,

But what if I told you that even your modest-sized daily cup was actually providing you with some health benefits? It would probably make you feel a little better about those days when you refill it once (or twice!), right?

The Harvard Medical School says we are in luck. Turns out the antioxidants in coffee may actually offer some cardiovascular protection, reducing the likelihood of getting diabetes. Coffee may also contain anti-cancer properties, may prevent you from getting gallstones, and may help protect men (although, not women) from Parkinson’s disease.

If that’s not reason enough to brew a cup, I don’t know what is!

By Molly

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