Remix – the Spanish Coffee

One of my favorite drinks can be found in Portland, Oregon at a long-lasting bar called Paddy’s. Paddy’s is a gorgeous older bar, with a back bar nearly forty feet wide and sixteen feet tall, replete with two of those rolling library ladders for the bartenders to get to the ultra-premium top shelf. This bar, on St. Patrick’s Day, is jammed beyond belief. The drink there I like is their version of a Spanish Coffee. It’s a showy exhibitionist preparation, with flaming alcohol, rum and whipped cream.

There’s some argument in Portland that this drink has it’s roots at a venerable local restaurant, Huber’sHere’s a video I found on Youtube of them making it at Huber’s.

Last night I decided to try remixing this recipe with Mocafe Azteca D’oro 1519 Spiced Ground Chocolate. Oh my lord. It was one of those clear chilly New England summer nights and this drink was a hit with my friends. Simply substitute the coffee in the drink with Mocafe Spiced Ground Chocolate hot chocolate.

If you entertain a lot at home, this drink is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next party. By the way, I stood in for my Dad years ago, giving my sister away in marriage to one of those Paddy’s Bar ladder-jockey bartenders, in the back dining room. Talk about an Irish wedding!

Jeff from Mocafe

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