Calculating Labor Cost in Cafes – Weekly Forecasting

Operator Solutions Using Mocafe

In my prior career as a executive chef, I wrote hundreds of work schedules. Let’s look at some factors operators have to take into account in managing efficient production labor cost:

  • Staff training and abilities
  • Anticipated business volume
  • Local event calendars
  • Potential constraints (risks to the schedule)
The question today is, when you write a labor schedule, do you estimate how much you’re going to spend for each day and for the schedule time period on labor?
I made it a habit to do this. I did not share this information with line staff, but on demand from my employer, could state what I expected to spend for each day and for the time period. Doing this estimating also made me accountable to my responsibilities.
So how can you setup a simple solution for estimating? Well, we’ve put together a simple Excel template that you can download here.
Simply enter the names of employees and their wage rates. Then enter the hours for each shift they will work. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate gross wages for each day and for the week.
Bear in mind that this template does not account for any employer paid tax obligations, so you’ll need to determine what that additional percentage of expense is. It also does not account for overtime, as the laws in each state are different.
Again, please feel free to download this template and use it and/or modify it to your needs:
Jeff from Mocafe

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