Into The Heat

As tough as I imagine myself to be, I’m still… a guy.

I can hike twenty-some miles in a day (if I put my soul into it), break back with friends on construction projects and endure tons of mosquitoes. But I’m still… a guy.

At the end of the day I can still be accused of being a comfort-seeking-creature. So there’s not much better than working or playing hard than to walk into my favorite cafe on a hot mid-morning and order a icy-cold-brain-cramping Mocafe Organic Belizian Vanilla Frappe.

Yes, organic and vanilla. Because I’m tough like that..

The baristas at my favorite cafe know that I’m an easy “mark” for such a cooling libation. They see the heat induced flush and the sheen of sweat on my skin. They understand in a quick glance that I’m not there for a coffee and their upsell language “care to make that organic so you recover the nutrients you just lost sweating?” reasonates in my ears.

The moment of truth is this. As I approach the front door, beads of iced beverage sweat rolling from the cup onto my hand, it dawns on me that I am about to enter the 2011 USA Heat Wave, yet once again. A long pull from the straw, steeling my nerves and getting tough, I push the door open and push through that steel curtain of heat again…

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