Summer 2011: Backcountry Fishing

A summer favorite of mine is fishing. I don’t get to make a lot of trips each year, so when I do, I make it count.

One of my favorite areas to fish is up in Montana – Big Sky Country – on the upper reaches of the Missouri River, near the headwaters, where the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison Rivers come together. My family lost a twenty foot Grumman canoe there when I was young; it’s a place where rainbow trout are fat and happy every year.

Early in the morning, just before dawn, is when you get the banked coals from last night’s campfire sparked up again, for breakfast of range-fed Montana beef, eggs and potatoes, fried together in a cast iron skillet. There’s nothing like being out there away from society, savoring how good food tastes cooked over a campfire.

But the best part, is packing in and brewing up a hot Mocafe Azteca d’Oro 1519 Spiced Ground Chocolate to get the fishin’ started right. The cool wisps of early morning fog drifting up and the barest edge of the sun peeking over the nearby mountains, combined with the light pop and crackle of the campfire and the spice sweet hot chocolate in a tin cup, is one heck of a sublime wake-up call.

I think those fat trout must like chocolate too, as the hooks were setting easy all morning.

Jeff from Mocafe

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