Red, White, and Brew

Red, White, and Brew
By Molly

Fourth of July is this weekend! I love this time of year. Past years I’ve spent the weekend bar-b-q hopping, sampling food and beverages here and there. Last year our son was just eight days old, so we packed him into the car and drove to a park overlooking the ocean, where we had a great view of fireworks going off in a couple towns.

This year plans get a little tricky, as he has a 7 p.m. bedtime, and any parent will tell you that trying to keep him up late enough to watch fireworks will only end in a screaming disaster. So instead, we’ll be home the evening of the Fourth.

That doesn’t mean I’m passing up the food and beverages! This year we’re bringing the party to us; inviting some friends over for a casual evening of hanging by the fire pit. I thought I’d get a little theme-y and serve some red, white and blue!


Red Strawberry Blended Fruit Creme

WhiteWhite Chocolate Frappe

Blue – Coconut Fruit Smoothie Mix (throw in a handful of blueberries for that true blue color, and some extra deliciousness!)

P.S. – All the above mixes are caffeine free, so they’re perfect for any kids who might attend your Fourth of July bash. Toss in a little vodka or light rum for the grownups!

Happy Fourth of July, all!

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