Hot Chocolate Summer Style

Hot Chocolate Summer Style
By Jennifer (Novelista Barista)

I just looked at the Weatherbug for tomorrow in New York and the sun has a cactus next to it…. Air conditioning, Iced and Frozen are the only words I want to hear over the next couple of days.

If you are like me and love hot chocolate, this news isn’t the best. But I tried out the Mexican Spiced Cocoa from MoCafe to see how it would taste as a cold drink. Two words: SO GOOD.

There are a couple ways you can go about making this drink, if you have a blender, throw it in the blender with milk or water and ice and there you go. If not, then shake it up in a cup with milk or water and ice. If you want the lighter version of the drink, add water. If you’d like the creamier version, add milk. If you want to get crazy and turn it into your own mocha version, add some espresso.

On days where you can’t enjoy a hot chocolate, like tomorrow in New York, break out the iced or frozen hot chocolate! It makes for a great breakfast or snack in the afternoon.

Love it? Buy it online here:’oro_1519_Spiced_Ground_Chocolate/7380.aspx

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