Mommy juggling and sipping on her favorite MOCAFE beverage! (Part 4)

I am somewhat of a coffee snob.  My husband would agree.

If I’m going to dole out money for a drink, I want it to be absolutely perfect.  Sadly, many a time, coffee perfection is not my experience.  It’s one that’s rushed—either by way of my schedule (no time to stop, but I really need something to get through my morning, so I hit whatever place is on my way to the office)—or, it’s rushed because my coffee watering hole of choice can’t be bothered.  The attitude, lack of desire to be working at a coffee shop with a sense of having better things to do with one’s time, supersede any yearning to want to be pleasant to me and, therefore, affects the product I’ve purchased (many times I receive something I did not order).

Who wants to pay for an experience like that?

But for me to be able to create a drink that I want to want to create in my home or office rather than spend the money to have someone attempt to make correctly, has to be worth it.  This is why when I looked closely at the ingredients to my favorite Mocafe drinks, I was glad to whip them up seeing as how they use natural and organic ingredients, something many places do not use.  Let’s be clear: It’s a huge turn off to buy something fake.  Fake flavored coffee.  Fake flavored tea.  It’s a drink that’s pretending to be something else! But with Mocafe, I know that quality was considered and the taste of perfection proves it.

Become a coffee snob, yourself.  Check out my favorite way to keep cool this summer by having coffee with your milk!

Frappe Ice Cubes

Follow instructions for Frappe of your choice—but skip ice (yes, skip it!).  Pour mixture into ice tray.  Freeze until solid.  Pop out 3-4 Frappe Ice Cubes into tall glass.  Add milk.  Enjoy!

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