Party Time with MOCAFE!

Party Time with MOCAFE!
By Molly

When I began writing for MOCAFE, they sent me a box of products to familiarize myself with their line. Around that time, I was attending a bridal shower for a friend and to go with the kitchen theme of the shower, part of my gift to her was a portable cup with a lid and straw for cold beverages. At the last second, I threw a Mocha Frappe into the cup so she would have something to christen it with.

Yesterday, she read my post on macha cupcakes and now wants to try matcha too. Our exhange over it led to me dubbing myself the Mary Kay of Caffeinated Beverages, eager to share my coffee-flavored wealth with others. And so an idea was born — a MOCAFE tasting party! Forget Tupperware, forget wine. Why not have a brunch-time party with my favorite girlfriends — sans children! — and have fun creating our personalized blended beverages? I’m ridiculously excited about this.

Now that I’ve hatched my plan, I’m heading into planning mode. Sounds like a great way the end the summer, doesn’t it? I think an August party is in the works for sure. I can’t wait to share the results with you!

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to gab about these drinks in the same way I would a really great waterproof mascara. And MOCAFE, how much business do I need to get you guys before I earn that pink, er…mocha Cadillac? 😉

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