Mommy juggling and sipping on her favorite MOCAFE beverage! (Part 3)

By Courtney

Summer has arrived, which is quite obvious as the temps are out of control.  You wake up sweating because the air conditioning has conked out.  Again!  The kids are already up to something you wish you could ignore while you relax in your bed, yearning to stretch out the concept of sleeping in, but you know that it won’t end well; your son is likely pouring out cereal everywhere and trying to smuggle juice boxes into the baby’s crib.

So you jump up and declare that you’re all going to the beach.  You throw towels and snacks into a bag and hope you can find clean bathing suits in a sea of washed clothes.  Something nags in the back of your mind, something you should do, but all you register, instead, is the physical tugging you’re feeling at the bottom of your leg; the baby wants to be held.  Then it dawns on you that you should make a frappe for your to-go cup.  But you can’t find the one cup that you always use because last night the kids were playing with all things related to the kitchen so you could make dinner.  Fine!  But then you get an even better idea after you spot the ice trays sitting out on the counter.  You throw the frappe mixture together and pour it into the trays.  You pop it in the freezer and don’t give it a second thought.

You’re back from the beach and the kids have left a trail of sand everywhere so that it looks like they brought the seashore home in a doggy bag.  Oh well, it’s time to bust out the treat you smartly made before you left and use it as a bribe to get them to sweep up the mess!

Frappe Pops

Follow directions on package for frappe of your choice (decaf is a good option if this snack is going to the kids!).  Instead of pouring as a drink, pour into ice cube trays.  You may want to double the mixture for more pops.  Pop tray(s) into freezer for a couple of hours.  Remove from freezer and enjoy on your own or with the kiddos!



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