Mommy juggling and sipping on her favorite MOCAFE beverage! (Part 2)

Mommy juggling and sipping on her favorite MOCAFE beverage! (Part 2)
by Courtney

It’s well past the kiddos bedtime.  The dishes are piled up from dinner—and by dinner I mean the thing you threw together after rushing home from daycare pick-up while simultaneously entertaining the baby who must put every single thing he can reach for on into his mouth (except food!) as you single-handedly feed snacks to your preschooler who repeatedly asks why macaroni cannot magically cook itself. 

The early bedtime idea has gone out the window, meaning that you wanted to get the kids down early (fat chance) so that you could get ready for the morning before getting to bed early yourself.  But to be honest, you just want two things: a maid and a drink.  You convince yourself that procrastination of doing the dinner clean-up, lunch-making, laundry and outfit-picking-out for the next day (not for you, of course, but for the kids) is hard work, and because it’s too late to think about the luxury of hiring a maid, you think a drink is definitely doable.  We are not talking about a glass of water, the drink your children like to ask for like a broken record in hopes of delaying bedtime.  No, we are talking about an honest to goodness refreshing, satisfying, I am in charge, hear me roar, get back to bed and you can drink all the water you want in the morning, drink for adults, for parents, for mamas.  Call it what you want, substitute what you wish, but put those feet up and enjoy.  You deserve it.  There’s always tomorrow to get done what you missed doing today.  Isn’t that how procrastination works?

Belizian Diva










Follow directions to make the Belizian Vanilla Frappe, but before blending, splash in rum to taste.  After blending, pour into martini glass. Sip with feet up. Click here for purchase:

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