Mommy juggling and sipping on her favorite MOCAFE beverage!

Mommy juggling & sipping on her favorite Mocafe beverage!
by Courtney

Lots of folks have a similar morning routine: wake up, shower, dress and head to work.  Throw in a thousand variations, and you’ve pretty much covered the population for a typical weekday morning, right? For me, I thrive on a delicious drink to power the day: to motivate me to get going on my to-do list, to congratulate me on getting tasks accomplished and goals reached.  I am not a person who must consume a hot and tasty something immediately after waking up—or an iced one, for that matter.  No, I’m too busy changing diapers, nursing, or dressing my little ones, dressing myself—heck, dressing my husband—to have the time to make coffee, let alone breakfast for myself, a priority.  I am someone who, after dropping the kids off to be watched while I head to the office, makes sure she has an option for a tasty beverage at work at least several times a day.  If I don’t, I’m left to the coffee-making skills of my co-workers (yuck) or the expired likes of something imitating cocoa (double yuck).  Don’t get me started on the germy water cooler, either…

So imagine my excitement when, upon receiving a plethora of goodies from MOCAFE, I learned that the grab-and-go packets would allow me the freedom to easily add milk or water to their chai or cocoa mix and in seconds indulge in something everyone at the office would ultimately ask me about.  What is that (in regards to the cool cocoa packet I ripped open to stir into my cup)? What smells so good (in regards to the vanilla chai cup I had just made) perfect for a slow, rainy day in my cube!

A little attention for this gal never hurts, especially when it tastes so good.

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