Green Tea Frozen Martini

Green Tea Frozen Martini
By Jennifer (Novelista Barista)

By day I am a teacher and by night I work as a bartender at a Portuguese restaurant. I have been experimenting with drinks lately, trying to find a new summer drink for my customers.

There are so many different drinks out there, but I have been experimenting with the MoCafe products and mixing them with different types of alcohol to see if I could find my favorite drink mix.

After some mixing and test trying, I have come up with my favorite: the Green Tea Frozen Martini. Although it is not an actual martini because it is frozen, it is more fun to serve in a martini glass.

The best way to make this drink, especially if you are not a bartender and don’t have access to a full bar, is mixing 2oz. of vodka, a little bit of peach schnapps, and adding the Matcha Green tea mix into a blender with ice, and serving it in the martini glass.  For fun if you have some limes, add those on the side of the glass or even rim it with sugar.

This is a great, healthy (green tea wise) drink, and it has a light feel to it instead of like some frozen drinks that will make you feel like you are being weighed down. It does not take more then a few minutes to concoct this marvelous drink and it should definitely be shared with your friends!


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