Mocafe welcomes Molly to the blog!

Hi, I’m Molly. Back in 2008 I was a 20-something newlywed working in public relations, bouncing off to work each day in three-inch heels with a mandatory cup of chai in my hand. Until I was laid off. While looking for a job I became pregnant, and last June I gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Owen; trading in my corporate hat for the roll of Stay-At-Home-Mommy. From stilettos to sippy cups in a blink of an eye. While my high heels remain virtually untouched since my change in title (it’s not easy to chase after a 10-month old in patent leather heels), I was completely unable to relinquish the chai cup from my hands.

Oh, yes. That. See, I’m a total chai-junkie. My husband got me into it back in college, and I since I don’t drink a lot of coffee, I continued “using” it for my morning pick-me-up. It’s like a drug, you see. That delicious chai.

Recently, it got really bad for a while when the baby would only nap in the car. To keep us all sane, we would hop in the car together — mommy, daddy, baby and dog — and go for a drive. While he slept, we would drive by the ocean, quietly sipping from our mutual cups of chai and in the process, probably single-handedly keeping our local coffee shop in business. This habit was not good for the budget, and the idea of letting go of chai for good was making me a little twitchy.

The baby naps in the crib now. This helps with the twitching, too.

So you can imagine how excited I was when the opportunity to work with MOCAFE came about. To familiarize myself with their products, a giant box arrived on my doorstep chock full of goodies…including packets and packets of vanilla and spiced chai I can make at home! I don’t have to give it up!!

Be still my addicted little heart.

I’ve made one at home every single morning and it does the trick mighty well. Mmmmm. I can’t wait to start experimenting with the rest of the box contents. There’s so many products to choose from!

I’ll be sharing my journey here with you, a little bit of mommy-hood, a little bit of recipes, a little bit of life. All mixed up together like a delicious steaming cup of chai. (Alright, I’ll stop now. You get it. I love the stuff.)

You can also follow me on my personal blog, These Little Moments, or on Twitter.



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